…one who is errant (who is no longer traveler, discoverer, or conqueror) strives to know the totality of the world yet already knows this cannot be accomplished—and knows precisely where the threatened beauty of the world resides…
—Édouard Glissant

Errantries is a book series published by Duke University Press and edited by Simone Browne, Deborah Cowen and Katherine McKittrick.

The series will explore geographies of race, drawing specific attention to interdisciplinary theoretical works that think through how space, place, and location are navigated, refashioned, challenged.  Inspired by the work of Edouard Glissant, W.E.B. DuBois, Gloria Anzuldua, Paul Gilroy, Toni Morrison, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Clyde Woods, Sylvia Wynter, and more, the books in the series will be concerned with the tensions between race and space and draw attention to how our collective and relational geographies are sites of difficult racial struggles.  Book projects will also explore creative texts produced by marginalized communities that engage geography; indeed, these creative texts continually critique the spatial expression of racial capitalism in ways that are extremely provocative, yet analytically under-acknowledged.  This book series will thus complement and extend the already sustained discussion about the production of space that emerges, again and again, in the works of anti-colonial thinkers and cultural producers.  The series editors understand these intellectual contributions as implicit to Errantries. The series will also draw attention to works that engage human geography.  While the discipline of human geography is underwritten by its imperial and colonial pasts, and in some ways continues to “police” its disciplinary boundaries (Mahtani, 2014), it is also an extremely generative and urgent anti-colonial academic project. As Ruth Wilson Gilmore (2002: 22) notes, “Geographers should develop a research agenda that centers on race as a condition of existence and as a category of analysis, because the territoriality of power is a key to understanding racism.”  Errantries will therefore generate radical, interdisciplinary, anti-colonial and theoretically rigorous research projects that are grounded in geographies of race and, analytically and methodologically, offer clues to undoing racism.  The books published in this series will be interdisciplinary with a strong focus on racial geographies, material, temporal, and affective infrastructures of difference, and creative ways of knowing the world.  More clearly, the series does not assume space “just is” (McKittrick, 2006: xi), but rather that space, location, place, geography, race, and knowledge are bundled sites that illuminate strategies of critique, resistance, and anti-colonial praxes.

Advisory Board

Jackie Brown, Paul Gilroy, Gayatri Gopinath, Avery Gordon, Richa Nagar, AbdouMaliq Simone, Francoise Verges, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Bobby Wilson